How far does the ripple travel….

There are 24 hours in day. 60 minutes in each hour and 60 seconds in each minute. How many things do we experience in that time that we would simply pass off as the mundane. We get up and get a drink, we flip channels on the TV, we give a cursory greeting to someone entering a room. Each of these things are probably forgotten almost a quickly as the moment passes. What is remarkable about any of these actions? The funny thing is, there may be something there unseen at the time. That doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

As an example, a friend of mine went out 3 years ago to check his mail.

Yup, powerful stuff here, huh? Well, little did he know when he went to sift through bills and circulars for the latest sale at the grocery store that he was about to stumble on to something that would change everything. Amongst those other things was a flyer announcing, in a town with what must have literally a hundred churches, one more was getting ready to open it’s doors. This little piece of mail probably cost less than a dollar to print and mail out. It was one of many printed exactly like it. The majority of which, I can only imagine, ended up in a trash bin or used to scrawl notes on by a kitchen phone. To the mail carrier who dropped this little piece of card-stock off, this was one of, no doubt, thousands of pieces of mail that would pass through his or her hands this day. A day that was probably of little note, in a week that was most likely unremarkable. Just another moment passing as quickly as it came. If you could ask that mail carrier today, would he or she remember this event? Unlikely, to say the least.

That said, that event impacted my friend’s life in an enormous way. It brought a man who had drifted from his faith back on course. It led to friendships that he cherishes deeply. The pastor of this church would (a short 3 year later) preside over his wedding, to a wonderful women he may never have met if it weren’t for that return to his faith. While that is great reason to triumph, the story doesn’t end there.

That church would come to lean on my friend greatly. He runs the sound most Sundays. He keeps our individual ministries, the “dream teams”, running. He has also begun leading us on some Sundays, allowing our pastor a chance to recharge his batteries. I know for me, he has an uncanny knack to speak the right words to me at the time I need to hear them the most. He is a man I consider a spiritual mentor. He has definitely touched the lives of our small Church. Still yet, the impact of that little flyer doesn’t end there. His contributions have allowed our Church to dig a capped well in a third world nation An act that allows a village to have a source of clean water, freeing children of a chore that prevented them from participating in school. This church sent a couple to Kenya, to help a woman who runs an orphanage that is home to over a hundred young souls. Without his sweat on Sunday morning to haul in speakers and set up the sound system, would we even have a community capable of banding together and making this happen? The act of opening the mail that day three years ago still reverberates today, and it is ringing across the entire globe.

One moment can make a difference. One routine event can change a world. One person, broken and flawed like the rest of us, can bring impact the lives of SOOOOOO many.

Thanks, Joel for checking the mail.


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