Before I start, I want to thank those of you who read my intro blog, or gave me a “follow.” I hope you will find something worthwhile in my ramblings!

I wanted to make my first proper blog entry about something we can all relate to: passion.

It is a great word, evocative, empowering, and almost always associated with the things that mean the most to us. As exciting as that sounds, it is only a word. Words are easy to use, misuse, and even abuse. I can tell you how passionate I am about digital music, and if you didn’t press me on it, you’d probably walk away thinking this is true. The truth is last month I clicked “like” when a popular Skrillex song popped up on my Internet radio station. That hardly makes me passionate about an entire genre of music.

On the other hand, ask anyone who has known me for more than a minute, and they can tell you where my passions reside. They’ll say it’s my faith and my family, creating music, or making people laugh. It isn’t because I outright said as much, it is because I have demonstrated that passion to them. They can see it on my face, when I break out in a grin talking about a song I’m working on, or they hear it in the lift of my voice when I talk about a weekend spent laughing and playing with my family.

Passion in it’s truest sense surpasses the word we use for it. The vowels and consonants are strung together for convenience; a mutual point of reference. Real passion, reverberates through the person feeling it, and is often contagious. There are people in my life whose passion for Christ stoke the fires of my faith, artists who spur on my creativity, and folks who inspire me through their relationships to be the best Father/Husband/Son/Brother/Friend I can be.

What are you passionate for? How do you use your passions to lift up those around you? Does your passion inspire others? Have you ever been inspired by someone else’s passion? Have you ever benefitted from it?

Whatever your passion is, I hope you are sharing it, I hope you are using it to make someone else’s life a little better. I hope that my passions have, or will someday, do that for you.




Is this thing on?

So, somehow you’ve stumbled on this, my first attempt at this thing called blogging. Chances you know me already or you actually meant to go somewhere else and fat fingered in my blog instead. Whatever you brought you here, welcome!

My hope for this blog is to collect my thoughts, share my struggles and successes, and maybe bring someone out there a minute or two of joy or a reason to reflect. I know there have been a number of great blogs that have done as much for me.

I hope you’ll keep checking back here, something cool is bound to happen.